Gear We Use
We are big fans of the Canon products. Seemingly industructable in bad conditions. I use a Canon 7D, while Erin and the boy both have T3i's. Katie got my old Rebel since she throws it around various horse parks and I thinks likes to throw dust directly into the lens opening.

For those distance shots, I have a couple of Canon ES 100-400mm f.4.5-5.6 IS USM. They are perfect for what we do. Flexible without be too heavy is ideal.The burst rate on the 7D is wonderful, but somehow the boy still gets better motion shots than I can. Go figure.

After awhile, we finally learned all the settings enough that we never use the automatic settings. That took awhile...

We also have the requisite Nikon binoculars, althought lugging them around with the camera is tedious. So, I picked up a couple of these dorky but very effective Cotton Carrier camera vests/carriers to help carry the gear.
My dorky vest >>
Hawaii Amakihi - I found this bird along to Opo' O' trail on the big island of Hawaii in late 2014. What an amazing setting. He was the first bird I spotted after walking through a lava field to the forest. You are at above a mile high, and often about the cloud layer when walking around in this forest. So many bird sounds all over the place. Something about those curved bills is cool.
American Advocet - Carson snapped this shot after a winter snowstorm at Chatfield. The symmetry of the flock is such a cool image. Nice capture buddy.
Acorn Woodpecker - He was defying gravity in a tree near the ocean in Santa Barbara. I love those woodpeckers.