About Us
In late 2012 I had to have back surgery, and part of my recovery was to walk...lots. I am not the type to just walk around the neighborhood, so I needed to find something to do while walking. Since flyfishing was out for awhile, I decided to buy a nice camera and go for it. It turns out I love it.

I moved to Colorado when I was three, and absolutely love the beauty and solitude you can find in the outdoors here. I left once for a year after college, and had to move back. Colorado is definitely home.

My son dabbles in photography as well, but college life has him busy. I think he still believes he is better with the camera and bird identification than me, but he is way rusty...

My lovely daughter is an expert equestrian rider and is often taking shots of her those beloved horses, spending all day at a barn, or helping find foster homes for dogs.She is now a senior in college, so I really cherish the times when she is able to come down for long weekends and breaks

Erin is also a wizard with the camera. She started me on the whole camera kick. She has much more style and creative genius than the boys, and enjoys taking pictures of her various kitchen creations. We can only hope to learn some of her techniques.
Coopers Hawk - This magnificent guy flew into my back yard in search of his next meal. After all the little birds scattered, he just sat there and waited...and stared...and waited some more. He let me take as many shots as I wanted. Amazing red eyes.
Our Photos
We do all of this just for a fun hobby. If you want to use any of our pictures, just send us an email first at cheezwhizdom@hotmail.com. Enjoy!
Iguana - It only seems fitting to add this dude to the "about us" page. The whole family went to St. Johns last year and stayed at an amazing private house overlooking the ocean. This guy, who the kids affectionately name "BIG MEAN JOE", just sat by our pool and dared anyone to try to make him move. Miss ya big guy.
Harris Sparrow - This species had eluded me for a long long time. I know they are common elsewhere, but apparently in Colorado they avoid me on purpose. I spent about 90 minutes with my feet freezing before this guy showed up at Red Rocks. Such an amazing natural setting.